1&1 Joboffer
For our location in Berlin we are looking for a:

Senior Software Developer (m/f/d) - Virtual networking

Reference ID: BE-PrBi-1810089

Your Tasks:

  • Optimize, debug, and fine tune the SDN stack on our cloud platform.
  • Discuss and drive the design of new virtual network features in the open source community.
  • Submit bug fixes and enhancements to open source projects, such as the Linux Kernel and Open vSwitch.
  • Review code written by other engineers.
  • Improve the current build systems and test frameworks.
  • Communicate and coordinate dates, deliverables, feature requirements, roadmaps, etc.

We Appreciate:

  • High proficiency in programming with C.
  • Experience in Linux device driver development and knowledge of Linux Kernel internals and Linux networking stack.
  • Proven experience in Open vSwitch.
  • Strong knowledge of x86 architecture, experience in Kernel debugging, ability to read x86_64 assembler.
  • Deep knowledge of IPv4/IPv6, TCP networking protocols.
  • Experience with Linux user space and system development tools and processes (git, gcc, gdb, etc.).
  • Programming experience in Python.
  • Bonus: Experience in Linux virtualization stack (KVM, QEMU, VirtIO).
  • Basic knowledge of InfiniBand.
  • Developed publically available source code from kernel upstream or any other open-source project.
  • Experience in interacting with open source projects and their communities.
  • Good analytical skills, as well as good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work in agile environment.

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For reasons of better readability, we have used the male language form (when and wherever applicable) throughout the text. However, this does not imply any kind of discrimination against other sexes, but should be understood as gender-neutral in the sense of linguistic simplification.
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