Capital city, home to millions, an astonishing history, party mecca, booming start-up hub, creative hotspot, international atmosphere and a place that’s always on the move: No other German city attracts more tourists than the capital with its clubs, bars and cultural highlights. Berlin is a world-class city with a buzzing IT and digital industry. Freelancers from around the world, as well as multinational corporations are drawn here.

Life in Berlin

Berlin has everything. Nowhere else in Germany is the party and club scene, and shopping, as diverse. Museums, cinemas, theatres, opera houses: Berlin has them in abundance. And the cheap prices of restaurants, cafes and late night bars are legendary. There’s no excuse not to have fun in Berlin. 

Berlin is a young city with ambition — one fifth of its inhabitants are under 25. And it shows. In life, in what’s on offer, in openness and tolerance, but also in terms of innovation and achievement.

For a capital city, rent is still comparatively cheap, with everything from courtyard apartments to luxury lofts available. Berlin is renowned for having a high quality of life and is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. It’s also one of the most family-friendly — the number of daycare spots recently increased by 38%.

As many as 250,000 students are enrolled at over 40 state, private and faith-based educational institutions — 100,000 of them at the four major universities alone. Berlin is home to two elite universities and numerous research institutions.


No other German city has more opera houses, renowned theatres, music venues and cinemas. The museum landscape is unique with the UNESCO World Heritage listed Museum Island the most obvious example. But Berlin lives and breathes through its independent cultural centers, associations and artist initiatives. Large and small festivals encompassing different cultural areas take place throughout the year. The comparatively low rents make Berlin an attractive spot for artists from all over the world.

Quality of life and suburban charm 

Berlin is full of character and remains the city of the ‘neighborhoods’, or 'Kieze' in German. The districts and streets are as different as their inhabitants and are equipped with everything you need to thrive. With unique inner courtyards and legendary late-night kiosks, mixed with the famous Berliner attitude, the long-established, traditional charm of the city has been regenerated with new impulses and an international audience. Famous for being open-minded, Berliners encourage everyone to be who they really want to be. Berlin has its very own rhythm with people left to decide for themselves when the day begins and ends.


If you’re looking for a quiet spot for you and your family, you don’t have to travel far. Whether the central Tiergarten, one of the countless city parks or a quiet green oasis between neighborhoods: Running, walking, playing and relaxing is possible almost everywhere. The nearby Spreewald or Wannsee are popular destinations for day trips. The surrounding area also has a lot to offer: Heaps of green spaces, lots of nature and small original villages with great connections to the pulsating heart of the capital. For those who want to venture a little further out, there’s the neighboring city of Potsdam and numerous castles.    

And thanks to the excellent rail connections and two international airports, the whole world is right on your doorstep.

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