Karlsruhe is a lot of things: A vibrant student city with a distinct bar, club and gastronomy scene. A hotspot for culture and art with numerous museums such as the globally recognized Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM). A shopping paradise with small boutiques and malls. And last but not least, Baden-Württemberg’s second largest city (with a population of around 310,000), occupies 4th place among the most successful IT locations in Europe, after London, Paris and Munich.

Young. Modern. Always on the move.

Karlsruhe is a booming city: As the job machine of the region, Karlsruhe has an incredibly low unemployment rate and a high GDP of over 63k per person. That’s around 20,000 euros more than the German average. Besides large companies such as IONOS, 1&1, dm and many more, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as Germany’s largest research center also has a lot to do with this. With the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Supreme Court, and the Federal Prosecutor General’s Office, Karlsruhe is the seat of Germany’s three highest courts.

The city’s prosperity is reflected in a wide range of daycare facilities for children as well as in the numerous construction projects and the continuous expansion of its infrastructure. Karlsruhe could even call itself the 2019 bicycle capital of Germany, thanks to investments in bicycle paths.

Living in Karlsruhe 

Going out is a must in Karlsruhe: The range of restaurants is as diverse as it is international. Burger fans get their money’s worth just as much as lovers of Baden cuisine or specialities from all over the world. And anyone who has ever been to the countless cafes and regional coffee roasters knows how good the coffee and cake can taste in Karlsruhe. Cocktails? If you decide to visit all of the cocktail bars in the city, you’d have a lot to discover.

Stronghold for IT and technology 

Startup culture is the lifeblood of the former capital of Baden. Over 5,000 digital companies are part of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion group whose founders are often KIT graduates. Over 25,000 students are enrolled at the elite university where Germany’s first computer science faculty was founded.

City of culture

Karlsruhe is the only city in Germany with the title of a UNESCO City of Media Arts. With the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), Karlsruhe is a globally renowned and unique address for media art. Further museums of national importance, the University of Design and a lively and distinctive art scene make Karlsruhe an exciting and ever-changing cultural city. But Karlsruhe is also popular as a family town with a zoo known nationwide and extensive parks like the Schlosspark.

Karlsruhe is a place of optimism and change, which was already apparent when the city was founded in 1715. At that time, Karlsruhe emerged as a planned city and marked the dawn of a new era. The unique town plan in the shape of a fan is proof of that today. After a visit to the city, former US President Thomas Jefferson provided the city plans to the architect Pierre L’Enfant to plan Washington D.C.

Prime location

Karlsruhe is unbeatable as a starting point for short trips: Mannheim, Heidelberg and Stuttgart are at most an hour away. Frankfurt isn’t much further. The Palatinate Forest and the Vosges mountains with their huge forests, spectacular views, old castles and vineyards are right on the doorstep. Alsace is just a stone’s throw away, and with it Strasbourg, Colmar and the famous French way of life. The possibilities for hiking, cycling or just spending quality family time outdoors are endless.


Karlsruhe sees some of the highest temperatures in Germany and ranks 5th among the places with the most hours of sunshine.

Our experiences of Karlsruhe